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PCFreak mentioned at HAK5 podcast

My opinion always is and was „Give the internet something back“, so I decided to write to feedback@hak5.org and tell them about the tool I wrote to fix the LNK-File problem. See also my previous article „Release the explorer handbrake„.

I was very impressed when I got back the email from Darren telling me:

> Dude thanks so much for sending this by it’s awesome. I’ll be
> featuring it on an upcoming show. I used to always run into that
> problem when I was a sysadmin. Hated XP for that. You’re doing a great
> service to everyone :)…

So here it is, he read my mail on the Hak5 podcast. Thank you HAK5 for taking my post.
Take a look at 03m36s.

Link: HAK5 podcast episode 1018.1 at 03m36s