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Release the explorer handbrake

Microsoft(R) Windows(R) sometimes hangs in fileopen-dialogs or in explorer in general. One possible cause is that some of your shortcuts (*.lnk) files point to non existant network targets. For me it took exactly 72 seconds to get a responsive fileopen-dialog when trying to attach a file with Outlook(R) on my work computer. I wrote a small utility that can help you to find shortcuts that point to non existant (or no longer existant) UNC-paths (\\server\share). For me and a lot of my colleagues this was exactly what we need to remove the „handbrake“ from Windows(R) Explorer(R). – The tool was written with the AutoIT Scripting language and you can download and use it free of charge. Source is included! RTSVunc.zip

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  1. John on Dezember 23rd, 2011

    Nice tip man. Thanks for the source code, I’m starting out on AutoIt so I’ll enjoy looking through it. Long live Hak5.

  2. Jens Andersson on Dezember 29th, 2011

    Thanks will try your Script 🙂

  3. […] My opinion always is and was “Give the internet something back”, so I decided to write to feedback@hak5.org and tell them about the tool I wrote to fix the LNK-File problem. See also my previous article “Release the explorer handbrake“. […]

  4. Anonymous on Januar 20th, 2012

    Finally saw this on Hak5. I’m not always sure CCleaner/FCleaner or even the built in SFC utility are doing their jobs. (After all, who likes reading logs?) So you can bet I’ll be putting this in my tool kit too. Thanks!

  5. Anonymous on Januar 20th, 2012

    P.S. See Hak5 Episode 1018 at about the 5 minute mark for mention of this.


  6. J Donner on September 11th, 2013

    Crappy coding.

    Look at this for example:

    If FileExists($logfile) = 1 Then
    If $iDeleteOldLog = 1
    Then FileDelete($logfile)

    Better is:

    If $iDeleteOldLog then

  7. J Donner on September 11th, 2013

    Here’s another example:

    If Not (UBound($hFilesFolders)) = 0

    …which is basically saying: if Not ( True ) = False

    Looks a tad stupid don’t you think?

  8. J Donner on September 11th, 2013

    You need to understand this:

    False is always 0
    True is everything else

    So it’s best practice (to improve readability) to write:

    If Not UBound($hFilesFolders)

    …or in plain English

    If Not Error

  9. pcfreak on September 11th, 2013

    You are completely right. That’s why I added the sourcecode, will try to improve my skills in the future.
    Thank you J.

  10. Mark on Januar 31st, 2014

    Thanks for that. My laptop has been very slow last few weeks and getting hot. iexplore, explorer and other programs seemed to be using 50-100% of CPU. Ran your program and I noticed an immediate improvement. Only a few minutes now, so I hope it lasts. Will it help with the heat? I imagine if it was in some sort of loop it would get hot, so maybe that will be sorted too. PS I don’t care how the source code looks. Thanks anyway.