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Shoets – Screenshot utility for the logon screen

Have you ever wanted to create a screenshot of the Windows(R) Logon Screen? – Impossible?

No, with Shoets, a small utility I wrote using the AutoIt programming language you can easily create screenshots at the Windows(R) logon screen.

You can get the tool here (source included): shoets-screenshooter-for-logon-screen.zip

  1. Unzip the archive
  2. Run Shoets.exe
  3. Lock your computer
  4. On XP and 2003 press 5x „SHIFT“ on your keyboard
    On other OSs click the „Ease of Access button“
  5. Press „s“ as often as you like to create a screenshot
  6. Press „x“ to exit the utility
  7. Login back to windows and enjoy your screenshots!

I will be interested in your feedback!