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Warning wallpaper for administrative users

I liked the idea of having a „bomb“ as wallpaper if a user has administrative rights to show the user: „Be careful what you do!“.
I saw this on some linux distributions when you logged on to the X-Server as user „root“ you get bombs as wallpaper to remind you about your responsiblity.

I created a small AutoIT Script that includes a wallpaper image of a „bomb“. When executed it checks:

  1. Has the user administrative rights?
    If so, we set the „bomb“ wallpaper and exit
  2. If the user has no administrative rights (maybe if UAC is turned on)
    we check if the user is member of the group with the SID S-1-5-32-544.
    This is the representation of the localized Administrators group.
    If the user is a member of this group we also set the „bomb“!

To setup this eg. on a server machine, just place the executable in the autostart folder for „All Users“ and logon. If one of the 2 checks applies you will see a „bomb“ as wallpaper. The wallpaper is set per user.

A great challenge was to get the name of the local administrators group via the SID to make sure this program will work on any localized version of windows, too. The source code is included. Use the program at your own risk!

Downloadlink: bomb_wallpaper_for_admins (with UAC).zip