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SyncPass – KeePass + DropBox

SyncPass IconI use KeePass for some of my passwords. KeePass runs on multiple platforms including Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and more. The problem on iOS has always been, that I had to upload my Keepass-DB manually with iTunes to the iPhone, while I am using a synchronized copy out of my Dropbox on all my other devices.

Now I found a solution, SyncPass. SyncPass is KeePass-compatible but can directly connect to a Keepass-DB in your Dropbox folder.

Once installed you have to register the App with your Dropbox Account, then put your Keepass-DB in the Apps folder of SyncPass, e.g. /Dropbox/Apps/SyncPass/mydatabase.kdb and voila you have now a DropBox-synchronized Keepass-DB on iOS.

Homepage: http://www.simpleanywhere.com/syncpass/