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Virtualbox change NAT DHCP Range

The Virtualbox IP range assigned by „NAT“ could interfer with your local IP range. If you want to change it from the default „10.0.x.x“ to „172.16.x.x“, shutdown the virtual machine and enter the following command.


VBoxManage.exe modifyvm „Linux Mint 14.1 x86 MATE“ –natnet1 „172.16/16“


Then restart your machine. It will now assing 172.16.x.x addresses from the „NAT“ DHCP pool.


To do this for all of your machines in one single step (on Windows) you can execute the following command:

for /f „usebackq delims={“ %a in (`VBoxManage.exe list vms`) do VBoxManage.exe modifyvm %a –natnet1 „172.16/16“

You can check your results on a running machine with the following command




There can be some other issues with DNS (independend of the above changes) in VMs using NAT. See the following article.

To quickly fix this either use the following command:


VBoxManage modifyvm „VMNAME“ –natdnshostresolver1 on

or modify the guests DNS settings to point to the same server as your host.

The IP range assinged to „Host-only Networks“ can be set via the GUI under „Global Preferences“