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Pre-Installing Geeksphone Zero Drivers to Windows 7 before initial plugin of device

My girlfriend has a Geeksphone Zero (and it runs stable since I put SuperOSR on it…). Now she got a new notebook, a Lenvo S205 and I wanted to pre-install the Geeksphone drivers before the Geeksphone has ever been connected to the machine. As I found out, there is a way and here is how:

First of all get the drivers from the Geeksphone Forum: http://forum.geeksphone.com/index.php?topic=1830.0
The links are:


Unzip the drivers, then open a CMD.EXE as Administrator, jump the the folder with the extracted files.
Please make sure, that you are in the correct folder when executing the following command (modify with your extraction path):

 CD „E:\geeksphone-zero\ZERO_DRIVERS_NT\DRIVERS_NT\usb_driver_2.67_free“
 FOR /F „usebackq delims=*“ %a in (`DIR /a-d /b *.inf`) do pnputil.exe -i -a „%a“

For each driver staging into the windows device database you will get a popup asking you for confirmation to install the drivers, since they are not signed as shown in this screen:

Select „Install this driver software anyway“ for all the drivers you install at this point.

After installation if you plugin a Geeksphone Zero all drivers needed will already present and all devices will be detected without further questions. Good! – If your girlfriend has a geeksphone, like mine does.

On Windows XP you should just be able to right-click the *.inf files and select „install“ to copy them to your system.

This article is in English to support a larger community. Use Google Translate to translate to your language