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Windows 8 Secrets – File History Feature on local harddisk

Today I tested the Windows 8 Developer Preview and tried the already know „File History“ feature. You need an external drive or a network share to turn on this feature. Since I didn’t have an external drive and no network share available to connect, I just shrinked my C-Drive a little bit, created a new partition with drive letter V:\ and used it’s administrative share for the „File History“. – Worked like a charm. With this trick you can use a local drive for the „File History“ feature.

Just use \\\[name of administrative share] e.g. \\\v$ for the network location to add.

Screenshot using File History via local administrative share.

I think this is a nice way to use partitions for the history feature. Of course this makes no sense if you have a hard disk failure and is only recommended for testing purpose.